Описание товара

Product Name Walnut  
Type Walnut  
Cultivation Type Common
Processing Type Raw
Style Dried
Certification HACCP
Color Light Yellow
Place of Origin  Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Model Number CHF-CL0004
Eating Method Ready to eat
Moisture Max 5%
FFA Max 2%
POV Max 6% meq/kg
Aflatoxin B1 Max 5 ug/kg
Shelf Life 1 year

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Six benefits of eating walnuts:
Walnuts are a small, but nutritional food that provides essential vitamins and minerals. Walnuts not only taste great but are a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and an excellent source of those hard to find omega-3 fatty acids. Like most nuts, they can easily be added to your Healthiest Way of Eating. Just chop and add to your favorite salad, vegetable dish, fruit, or dessert.

1.Heart Health
Walnuts contain the amino acid l-arginine, which offers multiple vascular benefits to people with heart disease, or those who have increased risk for heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors.
Walnuts also contain the plant-based omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is anti-inflammatory and may prevent the formation of pathological blood clots.
2. Diabetes Protection
Much of the benefits of walnuts for diabetics come from their positive effects on cardiovascular health. While type 2 diabetes is initially a disease related to blood sugar levels and insulin metabolism, once it has developed, diabetics are at much higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems.
3.Cancer Prevention with Walnuts
The rich array of antioxidants and other nutrition found in walnuts, such as gamma tocopherol, omega-3 fatty acids and phenolic compounds like ellagic and gallic acid, as well as minerals like selenium, attest to their cancer prevention potential.
Walnuts contain a further two unusual compounds to help protect your body from cancer. The phytonutrient juglone, found only in walnuts and black walnuts, has been shown in studies to destroy cancerous cells.
4. Weight Loss Benefits of Walnut
The fat in walnuts is the healthy natural versions of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that our bodies need to operate effectively. There are also high levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 alpha linolenic acid. With their protein (around 4 grams per ounce) and dietary fiber (approximately 2 grams to the ounce), eating a handful of walnuts is a great way to satisfy your hunger.
5. Walnut Brain Power Food
While the vitamin E and other powerful antioxidant compounds in walnuts would play a protective role, the primary walnut benefits for your brain comes from their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
Omega-3 fats are vital for a calm and well functioning brain. Low omega-3 fats in the diet are also known as risk factor for depression and other forms of mental illness.
6. Improved Sleep
Walnuts are an unusually high source of the nutrient melatonin involved in regulating our sleep patterns and getting us to fall asleep in the first place. It may also play a part in how to relax during the day. Omega-3 fatty acids are another element of walnut nutrition that have a role in maintaining a relaxed mind and good sleeping patterns.



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